We are glad to announce the introduction of the new «Belgravia» shoe last to our made-to-order production program! Take a peek at some of the shoes that were manufactured using this shoe last.



An elegant chisel toe, a narrow waist and a beautiful cuban heel, these are the 3 main features of the Belgravia last. Take a closer look at the details.



The Belgravia shoe last is available for Goodyear Welted shoes. You can choose between 5 different sole styles, including the beautiful Fiddlewaist leather sole.

All shoe sizes included, from 38 to 50 EU (5 to 17 US) and D + EE widths.



You can find the new Belgravia shoe last on our 3D Designing Tool. It should be available for all men dress shoes in the future, however, the first release only includes Wholecut, Oxford, Chukka, Double Monk, Loafer, Balmoral and Chelsea.



If you can’t find the shoe last, or would like to get help regarding the design process, please, contact our tech team.